The vault is empty! I repeat, the vault is empty!

I'm not short on ideas or savvy, but I am short on money.

Join the club! We have fun here on Floppy Adult dot com, but in reality this is an issue facing many, many, many creative and cool people.

There are so many ways to secure funds for your project, but finding the one that suits you best is often vexing and overwhelming. Let me be the person vexed by this problem so you can work on the creative stuff.

I know a guy who knows a lady who knows a guy whose kid goes to school with a billionaire.

That's awesome! Lots of seed funding does come from sources you know best. That's probably my first suggestion to you! Not everyone has this kind of access or the nerve to ask, so I'm more than happy to assess those channels and reach out on behalf of the project.

Are those sources tapped or nonexistent? That's pretty common. I have access to many sources of private funding, including California's Tech Coast Angels and Texas' Central Texas Angel Network. Fundraising for games and entertainment is hard, but I'll give you a great shot at cracking those barriers of entry.

The thing I want to do isn't a game, can you still help me get money?

Yes! Consulting and hands-on work is best for games but if you're raising money in the entertainment industry, I can help you with that.

How can we get this started?

My normal consulting fee is $100/hour, but with fundraising my hourly rate is negotiable (and in some cases erased completely) and is supplemented by a 2.5% commission on the funds raised. This commission is subject to change depending on the project, but it usually sticks at 2.5%.

Either way, shoot me an email at and we can chat!